Based in Zurich since 2000 for over 15 years, Olga Margolina acquired and managed private capital at HSBC Private Bank (Swiss) SA, Bank J Safra Sarasin AG, VP Bank (Switzerland) AG.

Starting from 2021, Olga founds her own company. M Services GmbH provides services to the clients in banking, swiss corporate solutions, alternatives to bankable investments.

As of 2021, M Services GmbH is authorized by FINMA to operate as Swiss Professional Financial intermediary as a member of Self-Regulatory Organisation (PolyReg).

We work with a team of experts - lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, brokers and investment advisors - and are based on a long-term relationship of trust with our clients. Thanks to our strong professional connections and in-house expertise, M Services GmbH is your consolidated partner for multifunctional tasks.

Mrs. Margolina holds Master in Economy from Russian State University, Executive MBA Diploma from Moscow School of Management Skolkovo , STEP Diploma in Family Enterprise Advising.