Considering the rapidly changing market conditions, the changing appetite of investors due to the economic and political situation, as well as the expectations for the future, profits on the stock exchanges depend on expertise and close observation. Profits from its own business and related projects are limited after a certain point and are associated with their own business risks. These external and internal risk factors form the basis for balancing the assets with the help of alternative investments. These are also selected for their quality so as not to correlate with the stock market and the risks of the company's own business. This provides diversification and protection against corrections in the markets or a decline in traditional, existing business.

Development projects in the real estate sector as debt or equity investments, in stable countries with attractive returns and short to medium life cycle is one of the classic examples of private equity deals. This is where we have our partner. A strong management team, quality and access to rare assets that stand out from the crowd - this is what makes partners and deals unique and limited. We work with such partners and such assets.