Peru Residence, Passport and Lifestyle Set Up


We support you in getting Permanent Residence in 2 years, passport in 3 years. Size of investments approx. 135000 USD (or 500000 Sol).
Tax regime verifications are possible depending on chosen Resident Domiciled or Non- Dom status, investment in own name of via a Peruvian company.
Application-approval process is processed by top international legal company out of Peru and managed by M Services, Switzerland.
Flexible and solid banking system, high level of medical insurance, healthy climate&food, simple process of business foundation.
Residence& Passport for Business investors, retired couples as well as working visa, family is included into investor visa applicant.
Real investment opportunities with high return and short durations in Construction, Agriculture, Tourism, Gold.


Residential property in Lima as private equity investment or rental income.


We help you to open a bank account, find property, find school for your children, provide legal and administrative support for your business and private matters.
Peru is one of the most developed states in Lat. America, situated in western South America, on the Pacific Ocean coast. Country has 83 climatic zones out of 123 in the world. Political Regime is Constitutional Republic.
Touristic attractions are Machu Picchu, Amazon river, which starts in Peru, north coast courort zone. Peru, titled as world‘s culinary&cultural destination in 2021, is the motherland of Ceviche and birthplace of serfing.
Favorable economic&legal conditions for foreign investors, easy business formation process. Economical strength lies also in Gold production, export of agricultural products, fish export. Peru is Member of WTO, United Nations, FATF of Latin America, APEC, free trade agreements with most significant countries such as China, US, EU, Japan etc.