Doing business internationally means having stable international relationships with partners and often having your own office and place of business abroad. Establishing banking relationships, creating and managing bank accounts for business and - private companies or family members requires expertise and time. It is also often useful or unavoidable to reconsider the jurisdiction of the existing business and consider an option to redomicile for economic, tax or reputational reasons. A company reaches a point where it wants to grow beyond the boundaries of its original place of business and seeks a stable, well-organized location with financial advantages. Local facilities, including management and office, are an essential part of keeping such a model successful.

We assist with the establishment of a company in Switzerland, the restructuring of an existing company or the redomiciliation to Switzerland. We help the client with the project of new incorporation from the point of view of costs, taxes and benefits and show the best solution for the client and his goal. We help our clients to run a business and to manage the business in Switzerland in an organized and safe way. We work with trusted Swiss and international partners, from tax and accounting experts to local legal experts, and provide the client with solutions from every corner thanks to a strong network.