The events of the past year have changed our reality so much that even children can now work with a "before" and "after" line. The habit of planning, deciding, relying on our international partners and predicting our own and others' actions has become impractical. But for us who are active, who plan, who live in multiple countries or do international business, what we perceived as a devastating disaster can be transformed into a new and improved way of life.

Our basic instincts - self-preservation, concern for family and the desire for control - still guide our behaviour and our short- and long-term decisions. But the new reality requires a change in the way we live and do business. We are challenged to review and optimise all existing business relationships. In some cases, face-to-face contact can be successfully replaced by remote contact. In others, however, we only reaffirm the value of personal contact. In our relationships with institutions, we now also place special emphasis on the ability to successfully solve problems regardless of each other's location.

In Switzerland, an all-time high was reached last year with 47,000 new company and trade registrations. It is true that there was also an excessive number of bankruptcies - 2,500, an increase of 88% over the previous year. The need to review the business model, to regroup the business, has spurred many to action.

On this page you will find publications with practical advice and professional insights from partners with expertise in tax, banking solutions, venture capital projects, art appreciation, as well as creators of unique tours that combine physical experience and spiritual growth. These reviews will help you see if everything is set up optimally and what can be improved; review your existing goals and the resources to achieve them; and get reliable and effective partners.

The next publication will look at how to run your international business in Switzerland. Contrary to popular belief about the costliness of Switzerland, this country can also offer cost-effective solutions.